Vision and Mission Statement

Wirrabirra’s vision is “for a strong, vibrant community where all individuals, parents, families, educators, staff and groups, not just feel they belong and matter, but have a voice in the service and the changes that matter within our service.”

Wirrabirra’s mission is “to provide high quality environments that engage and nurture learning through play, to become environmentally sustainable, and to bring daily awareness to all who use the service on not just the benefits of sustainability but of the need. Another focal point is to provide high quality policy development that takes into its heart not only the community that use the service, but the larger community, high quality evolving program delivery and community engagement within an over-arching social inclusion framework.

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Key Objectives – Strategic Directions

  • To take a leading role in educational practices for children and families

  • To take a leading role in evolving and innovative practices

  • To take a leading role within the industry and set above standard policies and procedures

  • To promote strong, participative communities

  • To strengthen our partnerships with non-government organisations

  • To target equality of opportunity, social inclusion and respect

Management of the Centre

The Parent Management Committee and manager work alongside each other making decisions that affect and guide the operation, growth and community spirit of the service. These roles are to support the centre its staff and families with the common goal of all members being the wellbeing of all the children, families and staff.
Committee Meetings are held once a month where the committee discuss any arising issues and to plan for the future.
Our parent management committee work alongside the manager to drive the changes and set strategic ongoing goal’s for the service. The advantages of having a parent management committee is what stands community based child care apart from the rest we have the opportunity to let the families and parents have a voice in the things that matter not only within the service but within the community.


The Organisation Values

  • The voices and strengths of communities
  • Respect and collaboration
  • Community ownership
  • Diversity and inclusivity
  • Collaboration with our working partners
  • The gifts and talents of our educators and staff
  • Flexibility and innovation
  • Opportunities for career progression and mentoring
  • Belonging, being and becoming are intrinsic values at the heart of management, educators and staff
  • That all Quality Areas are a framework that we reflect on and guides our daily practices and interactions